Why Choose a Metal Print?

Posted on May 26, 2015

metal print, landscape


Metal wall art is the newest and most popular product offering in the digital printing art replication industry right now. Demand for metal printing is skyrocketing due to the unique way natural light reflects off the material and the unique natural grain and texture to the raw material. If you are looking for a print that will catch people’s attention, this is it!

Brushed aluminum metal, unprinted
Natural unprinted brushed aluminum

We print directly on brushed aluminum which has a very fine natural grain to it.

When light catches the unprinted aluminum, it will reflect the light creating a very unique effect that will catch your attention! When we print color over the aluminum, it reduces it’s reflective properties resulting in a beautiful matte print. The photos that work best on metal are black & white, sepia tones and photos with large areas of white in them. All white areas of your photograph will be unprinted – leaving the natural brushed aluminum surface. And you can use the filters in Customizer on our website to turn any photograph into a black & white print. You can also apply many other different filters to apply to your photo to change color, contrast, color density etc.

We recommend pictures that are lighter in color with areas of white in your picture for best results. For example, landscape images with large areas of clouds or snow turn out amazing on metal. If the focal point of your photo is light in color, you will love the way your photo will look on metal.


Photos that are dark in nature tend to come out better on other materials (such as acrylic or canvas) due to the high level of ink needed to print those colors ends up taking away the reflective nature of the metal & reduces the appearance of the brushed strokes in the aluminum.


Metal print, darker photo example
Metal print, darker photo example

We print using the most advanced printing technology and highest quality flatbed printing presses in the wide format printing spectrum to ensure that your digital photographs turn into museum quality works of art! We also CNC rout your picture after printing to the custom size of each metal print.

We print on premium brushed aluminum composite material which has a black high density plastic center and white enamel back. All metal prints come with our hanging hardware already mounted to the back of the metal print. Your picture is ready to hang out of the box!